WordPress Functions

WordPress Custom Functions For WooCommerce Product Category Page

There are so many functions that help WooCommerce to change the way the Product Category pages work by default. This page is a collection of various snippets I’ve used on various projects. Most of them can simply be dropped-in to your functions.php file, but a few do require your to make small changes depending on…
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Tabify Edit Screen WordPress Plugin

Cleaning-up Post Meta Screens With Tabs

When you first install WordPress, the Post and Pages screen has meta boxes that you don’t need often, or even at all for some sites. As you begin adding additional Plugins, you’ll begin to notice that some of them add additional meta boxes in your Post and Page WordPress editor screens — causing all sorts…
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WooCommerce product options variation tutorial - WooCommerce beginners guide

How to Add WooCommerce Product Options – WordPress eCommerce

This article discusses how to add WooCommerce product options. Product options are built into the base WooCommerce install, but it isn’t clear to many how to implement them with their products. WooCommerce product options allow you to sell variations of your product such as sizes (eg. Small, Medium, Large), product colors, or different volume packaging…
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WordPress Theme Building Blocks - Theme Files and What They Are

Basic Elements of a WordPress Theme

Customizing WordPress themes starts with understanding the building blocks of the WordPress theme. If you’re new at customizing themes we highly suggest using child themes. Click here to read about WordPress child themes and how to use them. In case you haven’t read our WordPress child themes article yet, WordPress child themes are separate themes that…
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Import eCommerce products from another eCommerce into WooCommerce - Tutorial

Migration an Existing eCommerce System into WooCommerce – WordPress eCommerce

Manually migrating products from one eCommerce system to a WordPress eCommerce system can be a very time consuming data entry task. Do you or your client have eCommerce on another non-WordPress platform but you’d like to migrate all products, sales and customer data into WooCommerce? We have used Cart2Cart to automatically migrate eCommerce databases from one platform to WooCommerce…
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