Cleaning-up Post Meta Screens With Tabs

Tabify WordPress Plugin

When you first install WordPress, the Post and Pages screen has meta boxes that you don’t need often, or even at all for some sites. As you begin adding additional Plugins, you’ll begin to notice that some of them add additional meta boxes in your Post and Page WordPress editor screens — causing all sorts of clutter.

Yes, you can hide meta boxes using the “Screen Options” tab in the top-right of the editor screen. This method is perfect for the meta boxes that you know you will never use, however, there are many that you may occasionally use and want better access to.

Using the free Tabify Edit Screen Plugin, you can organize your meta boxes into custom tabbed layouts that meet your site’s specific needs on a per Post, Page or Custom Post Type basis.

Plugin Authors:

Install and activate the Tabify Edit Screen Plugin as you would any WordPress Plugin.

Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 1
Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 2

Once installed, go to SETTINGS > TABIFY EDIT SCREEN.

Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 3

Follow the steps in the screenshots below:

Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 4
Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 6
Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 6
Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 7
Tabify Edit Screen - Config - 8

That’s it! Simply rinse and repeat for additional tabs.

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