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WooCommerce product options variation tutorial - WooCommerce beginners guideThis article discusses how to add WooCommerce product options. Product options are built into the base WooCommerce install, but it isn’t clear to many how to implement them with their products.

WooCommerce product options allow you to sell variations of your product such as sizes (eg. Small, Medium, Large), product colors, or different volume packaging (eg. pint, half gallon, or gallon). There are numerous different uses for product options.

Product options allow you to set the variations as described above but also allow you to set parameters for each variation. For example the price, shipping size, quantity in inventory, will be different on a pint and half gallon variation of a product. In the screenshots below we walk you through the different screens you’ll see when setting up your own WooCommerce product options.

WooCommerce Product Options Tutorial

Step 1: The first step in setting up product options for a product is to go down to the Product Data section of your product page. To display the options you will need to set your product to be a Variable Product instead of a Simple Product from the Product Data select options. Once you have set your product to Variable Product, you will see this.

WooCommerce Products Page Tutorials

Step 2:┬áNext you will click on the Attributes tab four tabs below the Product Data heading. On the Attributes setting you will click the “Add” button to the right of the “Custom Product Attribute” drop-down select field. For this new attribute you will give it a name, then the values. The values are the product options such as Small, Medium, and Large. You will list your attributes separated by the | character. Next you will check the box that says “Visible on the product page” and “Use for variations”. When you are done adding Attributes, press the blue “Save attributes” button.

WooCommerce Product Options Tutorial

Step 3:┬áNow that the attributes have been created we can make the variations for each. Below the Attributes tab is the Variations tab. On the Variations screen you will see a drop-down select field that says “Create variations from all attributes” with a “Go” button to it’s right. Click on the “Go” button to create variations.

WooCommerce Product Variation Tutorials

Step 4: You will now see that all of the variations have been created. In the example I created variations for size and color. Each one of these individual variations can be edited to enter a different price and stock quantity available.

WooCommerce Product Variation Settings

Step 5: The final step in creating the variations is to assign the product specific details for each as shown below. In the example the Blue Medium shirt details are shown.

Once all product variations details are entered you can save your product.

WooCommerce Product Variation Settings

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