Restricting WordPress Author’s to Specific Categories

Restrict WordPress Author Posting to Specific Category

It’s common that you have multiple authors working within your WordPress web site, but you only want to allow them to publish to a specific category (or categories).

A plugin in the WordPress repository named Restrict Author Posting allows for exactly that.

Restrict Author Posting was created by plugin author Jam Viet who has six Plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

It’s quite simple to use this plugin. Simply install and activate the Restrict Author Posting Plugin the usual way.

Restrict WordPress Author Posting Steps

  1. Go to PLUGINS > ADD NEW
  2. Type in “Restrict Author Posting” and press ENTER
  3. Click INSTALL, then ACTIVATE.
  4. Go to the User(s) you want to restrict access to and select “Edit”.
  5. Scroll down to the heading Restrict the categories in which this user can post to.
  6. In the “Select categories” drop-down, select the category or categories that you want to give the author permission to Post to.
  7. Select the blue “Update User” button at the bottom of the profile.

If you want to set further restrictions, you can select the checkbox next to the label that reads “Restrict using his/her own file in Media” directly under the “Select categories” heading. This will disable the abilit for this author to use images, videos, PDF’s, etc. uploaded by other authors on the site.

Doesn’t currently support Custom Post Types, only regular Post Categories.

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