StopBadBots - WordPress Plugin

StopBadBots is the easiest way to block bad bots. It currently blocks more than 1,100 bad bots with one click! There is no .htaccess or robots.txt configuration that you need to deal with.

Bad bots consume bandwidth, slow down your server, steal your content, and look for vulnerabilities to compromise your web site. StopBadBots does one thing and does it well. It keeps these bots away from hitting your website.

Simply install StopBadBots and activate it, then go to STOP BAD BOTS > GENERAL SETTINGS and select “yes” next to “Block all Bots at Bad Bots in the Table?”.

In addition, you can select the MY BLACK LIST tab and add your own additional bots if you find that you have some pesky ones hitting your site.

It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

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