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WooCommerce Product Grouping tutorial - WordPress eCommerce

Have you ever needed to group products together that complement each other or are often sold together, but are also sold separately?

If you sell smart phones, why not package it with a popular case for the phone. You might even add popular earbuds that are compatible.

If you sell wine online and also sell cheese, why not pair a bottle of wine with complementary cheese so that with a single click, the online shopper can have the pair added to their cart?

This incredibly simple WooCommerce Plugin makes it easy for the shop manager to copy this link and paste it anywhere it makes sense. For example in a promotional email to your site’s newsletter subscribers, on your company’s Social Media pages, in a Widget on your same website, wherever you can think of.

Cart links for WooCommerce by author Soft79 who currently has 4 Plugins in the WordPress Plugin repository.

Install and Activate Cart links for WooCommerce Plugin

  1. Install Cart links for WooCommerce Plugin
Cart links for WooCommerce - 1
  1. Activate the Plugin
Cart links for WooCommerce - 2

Add Items To Your Shopping Cart

(while logged-in as a Shop Manager or Admin)

Cart links for WooCommerce - 3

Go To The Shopping Cart Page.

Note: Only the Site Admin and Shop Managers will be able to see this shareable link.

Cart links for WooCommerce - 4
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